How to refill an Electronic cigarette

Refilling an electronic cigarette is much cheaper than purchasing the pre-filled cartridges whenever your cartridge is empty. However, most of the users do not know how to refill their cigarettes. Here is a simple guide to demonstrate how the electronic cigarette refilling is done. It is important to note that e cigarette has only two items to refill- cartomizers and cartridges.

Refilling cartridges

1. Drip method

Cartridges has a tiny cavity filled with polyfiber. Almost all electronic cigarettes have this type of cartridge. Below is a simple procedure of refilling cartridge: refillingecig

1. Take out the cartridge from the atomizer. Then clean it with paper towel soaked in liquid. 

2. Take a paper clip and straighten then push it until it reaches the bottom of the cartridge.

3. Take the e-liquid bottle and drip the liquid down the cartridge. Drip until one-quarter of the cartridge is left.

4. Pull out paper clip to allow the cartridge stuffing to expand and fill the cartridge.

-Return the cartridge back to the atomizer and get ready to enjoy your cigarette

The above procedure is known as drip method and it is the easiest and quickest method of refilling your electronic cigarette.

2. Injection method

1. – Remove the cartridge from the atomizer and cleaned it with paper towel soaked in e-liquid.

2. – Insert the syringe into the bottle of e-liquid and extract about 2ml of the liquid.

3. – Push the needle into the cartridge and then push the plunger down to start filling cartridge with e-liquid. Slowly pull the needle out of the cartridge as you push the plunger. This ensures uniform displacement of the e-liquid while filling the cartridge.

4. – Take care not to overfill the cartridge 

5. – Then remove your syringe and add a few drops of e-liquid to the cartridge stuffing.

6. –  Return the cartridge back to the atomizer and start enjoying your electronic cigarette.

The injection method is perfect if you are at home and have many cartridges to refill. This process is quicker and ensures perfect fill of the cartridge.

Refilling Cartomizers

Refilling cartomizers utilizes the same procedure as that of cartridges. Here is the procedure of refilling your cartomizer.

1. Remove your cartomizer from the battery then cleaned it with a paper towel.

2. Then push the paper clip until it reaches the bottom of the cartomizer 

3. Slightly move the stuffing and start dropping the liquid into the cartomizer.

4. Remove the paper clip and then add a few drops on top of the stuffing until it looks moist and nice.

5. Replace the cartomizer back on the battery and get enjoy your electronic cigarette.

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