How to maintain your Electronic Cigarette

After using electronic cigarette for several years, you will note that the electronic cigarette will lose its good taste as it used to do in the past. The level of nicotine liquid vapors production also reduces to some extent. This is because atomizer and batteries play a crucial role in your electronic cigarette functioning. It is therefore, important to maintain them to ensure they function in the right way and last for a longer time. Here are maintenance tips for your best electronic cigarette.

1. Clean your atomizer
maintainingecigaretteThe atomizer of the e-cigarette tends to be clogged by impurities from the e-liquids and lint from the pocket. This makes the e-cigarette fail to use enough or use more liquid than expected. In order to prevent the clogging of the atomizer, always ensure you leave the atomizer placed upside down position on a paper towel before going to sleep. This helps the excess liquid in the atomizer get soaked easily by the paper towel by morning. After finishing with your electronic cigarettes, use a pair of tweezers to rinse them with warm water for some minutes and then leave to dry.

2. Clean the atomizer once in a week
It is advisable to clean the atomizer one time in a week by blowing air from one of the end of the mouth piece. Always remember to keep the flap or the receiving end open when cleaning. Blow the air through the atomizer to make all the excess liquid and impurities move out, thus ensuring the atomizer remain clean.

3. Use high quality e-liquids and charge batteries
It is crucial to use e-liquids of high quality and ensure the batteries of the electronic cigarettes are charged frequently. This will ensure that they last for the required time i.e. one hundred days for atomizer and ninety days for the batteries. See our "how electronic cigarette works" to find out more information of e cigarette usage.

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