Green Smoke Review

greensmokelogoGreen Smoke Electronic Cigarettes is the # 1 e cigarette brand in the market today! With award winning customer service and e cigarettes that produce thick, rich vapor and come in a variety of sensational flavors, you can't go wrong with Green Smoke. Join its 3.5 million users today! No more ash, no more bad odors on your clothes and furniture, and virtually smoke anywhere, anytime!

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Overview of Green Smoke

greensmokestarterkitGreen Smoke is the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes in the market today with millions of satisfied customers. They have an award-winning customer service team whom you can call anytime of the day. Efficient and friendly, Green Smoke's customer services are unmatched by any other e-cig brand.

With Free Shipping, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus a Lifetime Warranty, it can't get any better. Green Smoke E-cigs go way beyond their innovative products and are number 1 in all aspects.

A true testament to Green Smoke's success and quality is the number of products sold worldwide – over 18 million Green Smoke products have been sold and enjoyed by its millions of users.

Green Smoke's Starter Kits

Green Smoke's most popular kit is the Pro Kit.. At only $99.97, you get everything you need to enjoy a truly satisfying e-cig experience. You get 2 batteries, 10 tobacco flavored cartomizers, 1 USB cigarette, 1 USB charger, adapters, PLUS a free deluxe carrying case. You can even customize your flavors and nicotine levels.

You can choose from a variety of their FlavorMAX flavors such as the Absolute tobacco, tobacco gold, vanilla dreams, mocha mist, smooth chocolate, mountain clove, menthol ice, and other variations of tobacco flavors.

If you're not ready to make that full commitment, then try the introductory Express Kit at only $59.97! It comes with 1 e-cig battery, 5 FlavorMax cartomizers, 1 USB cigarette, 1 home charger PLUS a free deluxe carrying case. Flavors and nicotine levels are customizable, too.

For those who want the full e-cig experience, you can have it all with the Ultimate Kit at $129.97, which has all the contents of the Pro Kit plus more accessories. If there are two of you, get the Lovebirds Kit for great savings – at only $169.97, you get 2 Pro Kits at a lower price. If you simply just want to try e-cigs, Green Smoke disposables are also available. See the detailed comparison below:


User Testimonials

Green Smoke e-cig users are raving about how impressed they are with the quality of the products and the customer service. They even highly recommend Green Smoke to their family and friends. Compared to other quality e-cigs in the market today, users say Green Smoke is the most superior brand, exceeding their expectations.

Overall Recommendation

If you want to give Green Smoke a try, then the Express Kit at $59.97 is the best choice for you. You get to have a taste of how great Green Smoke e-cigs are, without making a complete commitment to change your habits. With free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee, plus a lifetime warranty, it's a risk-free investment that you'll definitely enjoy!

For a limited time only, GET 10% OFF on all products when you purchase at least $100 worth of Green Smoke merchandise.

Latest Green Smoke Coupons:
Get 10% OFF purchase of $100 or more, w/ coupon "DISC10-25326"
Get 5% OFF everything else, w/ coupon "DISC5-25326"
Click Here to visit Green Smoke's Official website
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