E Cigs – Smoke Without Fire

An electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery powered tool that closely simulates the feeling and pleasure of smoking tobacco cigarette. It offers the glance, taste and feel of the normal smoking experience. They contain no carcinogens or any chemical that that are related with the traditional tobacco. The cigarettes do not deprive your lungs of oxygen like the normal cigarette. Due to this they do not contaminate the air in the region of you thus becoming the best revolutionary way to smoking that is smoke free.

ecigsThe electronic cigarette works by electronic means heating an atomizer to vaporize a fluid mixture that contains nicotine and a base. This combination when heated create a water vapor that when inhale by the user creates an occurrence that simulates smoking but with no smoke. It releases a colorless and odorless vapor smoke. The vapor released is harmless and environment friendly compared to the traditional tobacco.

The components of the cigarette include a battery, an atomizer and renewable nicotine chamber that allow the smoker to easily hold it just like any other cigarette. The chamber containing nicotine is very useful as it comes in different strength thus permitting the smoker to regulate the level of nicotine they take. The cartridge strength can be categorized as standard or normal, medium, low, and no nicotine categories. The nicotine cartridge can last for the same time as 15 or 20 cigarettes. This helps in cutting down on the costs many incur to purchase cigarettes.

Since the cigarette is powered by a battery there is no ash or any open frame like in the traditional cigarettes. At the end of the battery there is a LED light that switches on or off whenever you inhale from the electronic cigarette. The LED is blue or red in color. The red color of the LED makes the cigarette look like the normal cigarette and the blue color gives it the modern look. The battery lasts for 1 to 3 days thus it needs to be recharged. The period however depends on the number of times you smoke. 

Electronic cigarette acts as a solution to those smokers living in areas with extreme climatic conditions. In winter for example, traditional cigarette smokers have to endure the freezing cold and the rains just for a quick smoking break. Being healthy, cheaper and environment friendly form of cigarette that purpose the same as the traditional cigarette they have a great potential to replace the harmful cigarettes that have caused more healthy problems

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