Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

disposable-e-cigarettesA disposable electronic cigarette refers to a cigarette-sized tube which contains an atomizer, a cartridge which holds the liquid plus a battery. Immediately after the user draws in, the mini heating element is switched on by a pressure activated switch and it eventually produces vapour that looks like smoke. 

They feature a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge all in one piece. When the cartridge becomes empty, the entire cigarette is discarded. They can actually be used straight away upon removal from their package. These cigarettes come in a variety of different flavours like the chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, mint, apple among many others.

This gives the users a variety of choice according to someone’s tastes and preferences. Furthermore, the prices of disposable electronic cigarettes are not determined by the flavour and hence anyone can enjoy all the flavours at the same cost.

Features Of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes.

The cartridge is a small container made of plastic, glass or metal with openings at both ends which act as both mouthpiece and a liquid reservoir. It permits the passage of liquid into the atomizer as well as the passage of vapour from the atomizer to the mouth of the user.

The atomizer has a small heating element which vapourizes the liquid. It’s usually positioned at the centre of the cigarette, that is, the cartridge and the battery are located at its opposite ends. 

The battery of a disposable e cigarette forms its largest component. Some models of disposable e-cigs come with a LED switch while others do come with an electronic airflow sensor whose activation is drawn by simply drawing breath through the device. The batteries come in different voltages ranging from 3.2V to 7.2 V.

Benefits Of Using A Disposable Electronic Cigarette

  1. Easy and very convenient to carry since it is very light and portable
  2. They are affordable in nature as compared to electronic cigarette starter kit.
  3. Since they contain no nicotine, they are not risky to people’s health, so they're are healthier way of living
  4. They can be smoked from any place since they do not actually affect people around you.
  5. Using a cartomizer which is disposable reduces the risks of smoking deposits of e-liquid which may pose health dangers.
  6. Since it comes in many flavours, a wider choice is left to the consumer to choose the best to him.

The Best Disposable E-Cig Brands

The best brands are the V2 disposable e –cig and the green smoke.

V2 Disposable E Cigarettes

v2disposbalecigThe V2 disposable brand comes in two varieties; the menthol and the tobacco flavoured which are the only ones that you need. It also gives the user a chance to choose between the 6 mg which is considered the light one and the 16mg which has a high percentage of nicotine.

The battery lasts for more than 400 puffs before it dies. It produces an impressive vapour that provides a strong throat hit which feels similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. The V2 cigarette comes in packs of 3,5,10 or 20 where the 3 pack costs $24.95 while the 20 pack costs $139.95 .They are very cheap considering the quality and this makes it the best in the market which gives you the value for your money. 

Green Smoke Disposable E Cigarettes

greensmokedisposableThe disposable green smoke e-cigs are sold in six pack which costs $57.99.They are available in both iced menthol and tobacco flavours at 1.8% nicotine strength. Each disposable is equal to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. It has more than 400 puffs before the battery dies off. The vapour is concentrated and very friendly to your throat.

The V2 disposable e-cig is the best and people’s favourite and it’s heavily recommended.


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